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Welcome to IEA Wind Task 34 – Participation

To participate in Task 34 your country must be a member of the IEA Wind Implementing Agreement (See the Cooperative Agreement tab for details of joining). Once your country is a member of IEA Wind, an organization within your country must become a participant in Task 34 and agree to the terms of the Task proposal.

Table 1. Countries and Organizations Currently Participating in Task 34
  Country Institution(s)
1 France Electricity of France R&D
2 Ireland BirdWatch Ireland
3 Netherlands Rijkswaterstaat – Branch Water, Traffic and Environment, Department of Water Quality and Nature Management
4 Norway Norwegian Institute for Nature Research
5 Spain Spanish National Research Council (CSIC)
6 Sweden Vindval; Swedish Energy Agency
7 Switzerland Nateco AG
8 United Kingdom Marine Scotland Science; University of the Highlands and Islands
9 United States Department of Energy; National Renewable Energy Laboratory; Pacific Northwest National Laboratory