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The work in Task 33 started in October 2012 and was divided in three main steps. Firstly, an overview about all the initiatives on wind turbine reliability in the participating countries was prepared in an internal state-of-the-art report. It shows that a huge demand on reliability figures exists, but none of the surveys described was detailed enough and in the same time containing data from enough individual wind turbines for deriving sound reliability figures. However, it got clear that a wide database can only get set up, if many operators collaborate and commonly assemble their data. This in return makes standards necessary on, what data to collect and how.

Secondly, it was decided to work on the three issues ‘operators demands’, ‘appropriate statistical methods’, and ‘required reliability data’ in three more or less autonomous working groups in parallel. The OA together with a so called scope group strived at steering the work and aligning the contents. The results have been summarized in three individual reports, which achieved sufficient contents and formats end of 2014 / beginning 2015.

In a third step, the Task 33 team then jointly derived suggestions from these group reports and started wording ‘IEA Wind Recommended Practices’ on Reliability Data. An industry workshop with chaired discussions on the one hand underlined the necessity of internationally agreed guidelines and on the other hand provided important contributions to the upcoming ‘recommended practices’. Task 33 is going to publish the ‘recommended practices’ end of 2016.

These ‘recommended practices’ will not prescribe the one best way for data collection and analyses but will try leading users to their individually suitable solution according to their individual purpose.