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Participating Members

Participating Members

The following countries have committed to participate by submitting the formal Notice of Participation to the Executive Director of the International Energy Agency. Researchers and industrials from these countries should contact their ExCo representative listed in the IEA Wind Contact List if they want to be involved in the Task.

The managing Operating Agent Organization is Cener (Spanish National Center of Renewable Energies) Represented by Javier Sanz Rodrigo Tel +34 948 25 28 00; jsrodrigo@cener.com.

Scientific and technical aspects concerning wake-free benchmarks are coordinated and Cener by Javier Sanz Rodrigo Tel +34 948 25 28 00; jsrodrigo@cener.com

Scientific and technical aspects concerning the wakes benchmarks are coordinated at NREL (the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, United States) by Patrick Moriarty  Tel +1 303 384 7081; Patrick.Moriarty@nrel.gov

  Country Contracting Party
1 Canada Natural Resources Canada
2 China Chinese Wind Energy Association
3 Denmark Danish Energy Agency
4 Greece CRES
5 Germany ForWind
6 Italy RSE S.p.A.
7 Japan Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)
8 Norway Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate
9 Spain CENER, Operating Agent
10 Sweden Swedish Energy Agency
11 Switzerland Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE)
12 United Kingdom Department of Energy and Climate Change
13 United States Department of Energy,