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Call for Test Cases

The model evaluation strategy is based on the building-block approach (AIAA, 1998), wherein the validation process of a complex system is divided in phases of increasing complexity. For a clear understanding of the impact that each element of the model chain has on the evaluation performance, it is essential that the system is divided as much as possible in subsystems and unit problems of simple geometry. 

All the Wakebench work plan is structured around working groups that integrate the building-block approach. Within each WG a set of benchmarks of increasing complexity is scheduled in the Windbench platform.

A continuous call for test cases is opened. The wind industry and research communities are offered the possibility to contribute to the project by delivering test cases from their test sites and wind farm portfolios. The scientific committee will guide interested industrial partners with the selection and the configuration of the test cases.

If you are interested to contribute with test cases please read the call for test cases guide (to be published soon)