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The operating agents (OAs) and the participants work together to complete the work plan developed for the task. Each participant completes a portion of the research and shares it with the group. Often the work of participants is part of their larger national research program. In the course of doing the project, experts exchange information with other institutions in different countries and so there are peripheral benefits to each of those institutions. Over the four years of the project, the combined support of all participants is estimated at 15 person-years of research labor.  

New participants within member countries are welcome, but must be approved by their IEA Wind representative.

The work has been organized into two phases that have discrete tasks for each contributor. The members meet about two times per year usually in conjunction to international wind conferences and events where project participants compare their numerical models, discuss simulation results and exchange knowledge concerning coupled simulation of offshore wind turbines. The OAs also arrange net-meetings , which are held with approximately 2-month intervals. Following the completion of each work package, the participants, led by the OA (Fraunhofer IWES for Phase I and NREL for Phase II), write and publish a technical paper or report on the results. Participants are free to also publish these results in academic journals. Progress reports to the IEA Wind ExCo meetings is delivered semiannually by a representative from the task.