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Task Participation

Participation is open to organizations in the member countries of the IEA Wind Agreement. Countries pay 5,000 €/year to participate. Within each participating country, there is no limit on the number of experts who can contribute, but each contributor should be approved by the country’s IEA Wind ExCo representative (see IEA Wind ExCo Contact List). Meetings are hosted by participants that donate the costs of holding the meeting. Based on the three-year work plan, the combined participants will contribute an estimated 71.5 person-months of effort directly toward the work of this task with an additional 111 person-months of indirect effort. This total support amounts to approximately 15 person-years of research provided to each country in return for 15,000 € in fees and the in-kind research labor of its national participants.

It is recommended that researchers actively involved with model development and load prediction participate. Participants should attend all meetings and exchange information by email, net conferencing, and telecoms throughout the project. They decide on the details of the project and take part in writing the final reports. Participants agree to run cases according to inputs prescribed by committee consensus using appropriate computer simulation software. Participants may join the working group at any time if they have the approval of their country’s ExCo representative and are current with their dues in the year of entry.

Task Organization
This task is managed by two organizations: the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in the United States and Fraunhofer IWES in Germany (see Figure 1). NREL has lead responsibility for the overall task operation including maintaining the web site, leading work package (WP) 2 floating semisubmersible beginning in 2012, managing the financial and administrative accounts, and writing the final report on Phase II. Fraunhofer IWES is responsible for leading Phase I to investigate jacket support structure beginning in 2010 and organizing the meetings and writing the reports that pertain to this research.

Figure 1 Task 30 organization

Table 1 OC4 Participating Organizations

  Country Institution(s) Letter of commitment
1 China China General Certification Center, Goldwind  
2 Denmark Risø-DTU, Siemens Wind Power, Dong Energy, Vestas, Det Norske Veritas (DNV), Rambøll DHI  
3 Finland VTT Technical Research Centre  
4 Greece Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, National Technical University of Athens  
5 Germany University of Stuttgart (SWE), ForWind, University of Hannover, Fraunhofer IWES, Germanischer Lloyd (GL) REpower  
6 Japan University of Tokyo, National Marine Research  
7 Korea Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH)/INHA University University of Ulsan  
8 The Netherlands ECN, TU-Delft The Knowledge Centre WMC, GustoMSC  
9 Norway UMB, IFE, NTNU, MARINTEK, Cesos/NTNU FEDEM Technology, , 4Subsea, University of Stavanger  
10 Spain Acciona, CENER, APIA XXI ALSTOM Wind  
11 Sweden TBD  
12 United Kingdom Garrad Hassan  
13 United States National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), Principle Power Inc. (PPI) MSC Software, Texas A&M University, Clear Path Energy, Penn State University, ABS