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Task is currently inactive

After committee review and approval of this plan by the IEA ExCo, a kickoff meeting would be held. Participating members would discuss the plan and agree on initial modeling approaches. Information exchange procedures would be discussed along with a schedule of meetings. It is anticipated that two meetings per year would be needed to discuss intermediate results and to resolve issues with the comparisons. A target duration for the phase I of the project is approximately two years with a final report on phase I at that time. One of the important outcomes of this project would be recommendations for test programs that would supply data for phase II and III.

Full participation: Full participation is open to all members of the IEA R&D Executive Committee but it is strongly encouraged that only those who are actively involved with model development and load prediction take part as full participants. Full members would participate in all meetings and exchange information by email, net-conferencing and telecoms throughout the project. They would decide on the details of the project and take part in writing the final reports.

Observers Status: There are members whose inputs are valuable but are not currently engaged in modeling. There are also experts who are impacted by load predictions and would benefit from knowing the results of the comparisons. Some of these experts are responsible for assessing risk for their companies. First hand observations of the results could raise their confidence. They can usually add suggestions for comparisons that be helpful and illuminate customer perspectives. Observers would be invited to review the project plan and participate in a limited number of meetings intended to discuss results.

Administrative cost estimate: participation in Task 23 qualifies participants from that country to participate in this sub-group (See Task 23 Plan)

The organization is described in two parts in the Annex 23 project plan. One that is general informational exchange, Task 1 and a second that is focused on “deeper water” technology, Task 2. This activity is organized under the task 2. the US is sharing this responsibilities of Operating Agent with Denmark, but generally has responsibility for task 2 and thus will have responsibility for organizing and facilitating this project.