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A continuing project to promote information exchange on R&D topics of interest to Task participants

The IEA Wind Task 11 gathers experts to present the latest results on narrow topics and discuss solutions in a small group (18 to 28 people) setting. Invited experts from many countries and organizations share information and work to develop recommended practices for wind energy activities.

The Topical Expert Meetings bring the latest knowledge to attendees and the proceedings are available to other researchers in participating countries. Meetings are hosted by interested organizations in participating countries. One year after each meeting, the proceedings are available to all countries worldwide. Recent Topical Expert Meetings addressed Radar Radio and Links with Wind Turbines; Remote Wind Speed Sensing Techniques using SODAR and LIDAR; Sound Propagation Models and Validation; Turbine Drive Train Dynamics and Reliability; The Application of Smart Structures for Large Wind Turbine Rotor Blades; Long-Term Research Needs in the Frame of the IEA Wind Co-operative Agreement; Social Acceptance of Wind Energy Projects; Wind and Wave Measurements at Offshore Locations; The Application of SMART Structures for Large Wind Turbine Rotor Blades; Challenges of Introducing Reliable Small Wind Turbines; Methodologies for Estimation of Cost of Wind Energy and the Impact of Research on the Cost; and Obstacle Marking of Wind Turbines.

As an important instrument of IEA Wind, the Task 11 Topical Expert Meetings begin the conversation about new technical and scientific developments and information needs. Task 11 is also an important catalyst for starting new research tasks within IEA Wind. At the end of each meeting, participants discuss the next steps to solve problems discussed in the meeting. Often an ad hoc working group will write a proposal to begin a research task within IEA Wind. Most research activities of IEA Wind began with a Topical Expert Meeting.

Task 11 began in 1987 and is one of the most productive under the IEA Wind Implementing Agreement. At the end of 2009, 60 volumes of proceedings from Topical Expert Meetings and 26 volumes of proceedings from Joint Action Symposia have been published. In the series of Recommended Practices, 11 documents were published, and five of these have revised editions. Many of the IEA Wind Recommended Practices have served as the basis for both national and international standards. Recommended practices on remote sensing using Sodar and Lidar are currently under development and Task 11 will coordinate recommended practices from the work of other IEA Wind research tasks such as Cost of Wind Energy and Wind Energy in Cold Climates.

The Operator Agent Organization is CENER (Spanish National Center of Renewable Energies)

Xabier Munduate
Section Leader Wind Turbine R&D Service
Avenida Ciudad de la Innovacion

Email: Xabier Munduate