IEA Wind Research Tasks

Cooperative research on issues affecting wind energy is performed as the numbered R&D Tasks of IEA WInd. The technical results of Tasks are shared among participants. Final reports are often made to benefit the entire wind energy community.

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Active Task Summaries Website
Task 11: Base Technology Information Exchange Task 11
Task 19: Wind Energy in Cold Climates Task 19
Task 25: Power Systems with Large Amounts of Wind Power Task 25
Task 26: Cost of Wind Energy Task 26
Task 27: Small Wind Turbines in Turbulent Sites Task 27
Task 28: Social Acceptence of WInd Energy Projects Task 28
Task 29: MexNet Aerodynamics Task 29
Task 30: Computer Codes and Models for Offshore Wind Energy Task 30
Task 31: WAKEBENCH Benchmarking Wind Farm Flow Models Task 31
Task 32: LIDAR: Wind Lidar Systems for Wind Energy Deployment Task 32
Task 33: Reliability Data: Standardizing Wind Turbines Data Collection Task 33
Task 34: Assessing Enviromental Effects (WREN) Task 34
Task 35: Ground Based Testing for Wind Turbines and Components Task 35
Task 36: Forecasting for Wind Energy Task 36
Task 37: Wind Energy Systems Engineering: Integrated R, D&D Task 37

Inactive Tasks
Task 24: Integration of Wind and Hydropower Systems (Completed 2009)
Task 23: Offshore Wind Energy Technology Deployment (Completed 2009)
Task 22: Wind Energy Market Acceleration (Completed 2002)
Task 21: Dynamic Models of Wind Farms for Power System Studies
Task 20: HAWT Aerodynamics and Models from Wind Tunnel Measurements
Task 18: Enhanced Field Rotor Aerodynamic Database (EFRAD)
Task 17: Data Base on Wind Characteristics
Task 16: Wind Turbine Round Robin Test Program
Task 15: Annual Review of Progress in the Implementation of Wind Energy by the Member Countries of the IEA
Task 14: Field Rotor Aerodynamics
Task 13: Cooperation in the Development of Large-Scale Wind Systems
Task 12: Universal Wind Turbine for Experiments (UNIWEX)
Task 10: Systems Interaction
Task 9: Intensified Study of Wind Turbine Wake Effects
Task 8: Study of Decentralised Applications for Wind Energy
Task 7: Study of Offshore WECS
Task 6: Study of Local Flow at Potential WECS Hill Sites
Task 5: Study of Wake Effects Behind Single Turbines and in Wind Turbine Parks
Task 4: Investigation of Rotor Stressing and Smoothness of Operation of large-Scale Wind Energy Conversion Systems
Task 3: Integration of Wind Power Into National Electricity Supply Systems
Task 2: Evaluation of Wind Models for Wind Energy Siting
Task 1: Environmental and Meteorological Aspects of Wind Energy Conversion Systems