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Wind Energy in Cold Climates

VTT, Technical Research Center of Finland

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Wind energy is increasingly being used in cold climates, and technology has been adapted to meet these challenges. As the turbines incorporating new technology are demonstrated, the need grows for gathering experiences in a form that can be used by developers, manufacturers, consultants, and financiers. In order to supply needed information on the operation of wind turbines in cold climates, Task 19 to the International Energy Agency (IEA) Wind implementing agreement was officially approved in 2001. The resulting task began in May 2001 and will continue through 2011.

It has been agreed upon that the sites involved in this task will be wind turbine sites that either have icing events or low temperatures outside the standard operational limits of wind turbines. Participants will work to achieve the following objectives.

Determine the current state of cold climate solutions for wind turbines, especially anti-icing and de-icing solutions that are available or are entering the market.

The national activities of task participants are designed to provide new information on issues that are preventing cold climate development today. The results of these activities will enable improvements of the overall economy of wind energy projects and lower the risks involved in areas where low temperatures and atmospheric icing are frequent. The reduced risk would thereby reduce the cost of wind electricity produced in cold climates. For more information, please visit the Task 19 web site.