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Base Technology
Information Exchange

CENER (Centro Nacional de Energías Renovables)

Operating Agent Representative:
Félix Avia Aranda
Departamento de Energía Eólica

Centro Nacional de Energías Renovables
Urb. La Florida
C/ Somera 7-9, 1ª
C.P.: 28023 - Madrid - España
Tel: (+34) 91 417 50 42 / 638 095909
Fax: (+34) 91 556 63 00

E-mail: favia@cener.com
Web Site: Task 11 Base Technology Information Exchange

The objective of this Task is to promote wind turbine technology through cooperative activities and information exchange on R&D topics of common interest. These cooperative activities have been part of the Agreement since 1978.

Invitation to Meetings

The task includes two subtasks. The objective of the first subtask is to develop recommended practices for wind turbine testing and evaluation by assembling an Experts Group for each topic needing recommended practices. For example, the Experts Group on wind speed measurements published the document titled “Wind Speed Measurement and Use of Cup Anemometry”.

The objective of the second subtask is to conduct joint actions in research areas identified by the IEA Wind Executive Committee. The Executive Committee designates Joint Actions in research areas of current interest, which requires an exchange of information. So far, Joint Actions have been initiated in Aerodynamics of Wind Turbines, Wind Turbine Fatigue, Wind Characteristics, Offshore Wind Systems and Wind Forecasting Techniques. Symposia and conferences have been held on designated topics in each of these areas.

In addition to Joint Action symposia, Topical Expert Meetings are arranged four times a year on topics decided by the IEA Wind Executive Committee. One such Expert Meeting gave background information for preparing the following strategy paper “Long-Term Research and Development Needs for Wind Energy for the Time Frame 2000 to 2020”.

Since these activities were initiated in 1978, more than 60 volumes of proceedings have been published. In the series of Recommended Practices 11 documents were published and five of these have revised editions.

All documents produced under Task XI and published by the Operating Agent are available to citizens of member countries from the Operating Agent, and from representatives of countries participating in Task XI.

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