Welcome to IEA Wind and Past and Present Research Task Summaries

The following links are presented for quick information about the many research tasks that make up IEA Wind past and present.

All tasks are established to study and research wind energy on a two year or longer time period. While the research is being conducted all results are for private use only. After the task has ended its research a one year waiting period must expire before the results are made public. Not all Tasks are active.

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Task 11
Base Technology
Information Exchange
Task 16
Wind Turbine Round Robin Test Program
(Not Active)

Task 17
Data Base on Wind Characteristics
(Not Active)
Task 18
Enhanced Field Rotor Aerodynamic Database
(EFRAD) (Not Active)
Task 19
Wind Energy in
Cold Climates
Task 20
HAWT Aerodynamics and Models from Wind Tunnel Measurements
(Not Active)

Task 21
Dynamic Models of
Wind Farms for Power System Studies

(Not Active)
Task 23
Offshore Wind Energy
Technology Deployment

(Not Active)
Task 24
Integration of Wind and
Hydropower Systems

(Not Active)
Task 25
Power Systems with Large Amounts of Wind Power
Task 26
Cost of Wind Energy
Task 27
Labelling Small
Wind Turbines
Task 28
Social Acceptance of
Wind Energy Projects
Task 29
MexNet Aerodynamics
Task 30
Offshore Code Comparison
Task 31
WAKEBENCH Benchmarking Wind Farm Flow Models
Task 32
LIDAR: Wind Lidar Systems for Wind Energy Deployment
Task 33
Reliability Data:
Task 34
WREN – Working Together to Resolve Environmental Effects of Wind Energy
Task 35
Ground Based Testing for Wind Turbines and their Components