Welcome to IEA Wind Member Country Activities for Sweden

The new wind energy installations in 2012 had a capacity of 755 MW (765 MW were installed in 2011). The goal is to increase renewable generation by 25 TWh compared to the level in 2002 by 2020. A major part of wind power research financed by the Swedish Energy Agency is carried out in the research programs Vindforsk III, Vindval, and the Swedish Wind Power Technology Center (SWPTC). The technical program Vindforsk III runs from 2009–2012 and has a total budget of about 80 million SEK (9.3 million EUR; 12.3 million USD). Vindval is a knowledge program focused on studying the environmental effects of wind power. Vindval runs from 2009–2012 with a budget of 35 million SEK (4.1 million EUR; 5.4 million USD). The SWPTC at Chalmers Institute of Technology runs from 2010–2014 and has a total budget of 100 million SEK (11.6 million EUR; 15.4 million USD). The center focuses on complete design of an optimal wind turbine, which takes the interaction among all components into account. Read the entire report here.