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the Netherlands

The Netherlands had a net installation of 281 MW of wind power in 2013. There is a clear tendency toward replacing smaller wind turbines (around 1 MW) with larger ones (around 3 MW). The biggest change in energy policy in 2013 came from the Social and Economic Council of the Netherlands (SER), which redefined energy targets (somewhat lower) in 2020 (and 2023) but provided a clear roadmap on how to reach those targets, including agreements on necessary incentive subsidies. The total investment in wind energy installations built up to 2013 is estimated at approximately 4.5 billion EUR (6.2 billion USD) (price level: 2013). After some years of low activity, Dutch turbine manufactures are gradually coming back into the market. The capacity factor on-land in 2013 was 22%, near the last 10-year average of 21.4%. This indicates that, despite the windex of 91%, average turbines on land are currently performing better than before. Offshore, the capacity factor in 2013 was 38.6%. In the seven years of offshore experience, the average capacity factor was 37.8%.