Turbine blades waiting for installation

Member Country Activities for Japan

In 2014, the total installed wind capacity in Japan reached 2,788 MW with 1,941 turbines, including 49.6 MW from 26 offshore wind turbines (Figure 1). The annual net increase was 119 MW. Total energy produced from wind turbines during 2014 was about 5.1 TWh, which corresponds to 0.5% of national electric demand (965.2 TWh).

Japan’s wind power market has yet to take off. Currently, the biggest obstacle is the procedural delay due to the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) procedures applied to all wind farms over 10 MW since October 2012, which takes about four years to complete. Only ten projects totaling 203 MW have completed the process, although there are 88 projects totaling 6,226 MW are still in progress.