Welcome to IEA Wind Member Country Activities for Finland

Finland has a 14-GW winter peaking power system with 84 TWh of demand in 2013. There is already a considerable share of renewables in the electricity mix; 29% of electricity consumption was provided by renewables in 2013: 15% by hydro power, 13% by biomass, and 1% by wind power.

Wind power is the second largest source of new renewables in Finland, with a target of 6 TWh/yr in 2020. The new energy strategy has a target of 9 TWh/yr for 2025. A market based feed-in system with a guaranteed price of 83.50 EUR/MWh (115.06 USD/MWh) entered into force in 2011. There is an increased tariff of 105.30 EUR/MWh (145.10 USD/MWh) through the end of 2015. The difference between the guaranteed price and spot price of electricity will be paid to the producers as a premium.

Wind energy deployment has started after the new tariff system. In 2013, 192 MW were installed, reaching a total of 448 MW at the end of 2013. Wind produced about 0.8 TWh—almost 1% of gross demand in Finland. At the beginning of 2013, there were 8,000 MW of wind power projects in various phases of planning on land, and 3,000 MW of announced projects offshore.

Wind power technology in Finland employs more than 3,000 persons mainly in component and sub-system manufacturing (ABB, Hydroll, Moventas, and The Switch), sensors (Labkotec and Vaisala) and material production (Ahlstrom and Ruukki). Project development activities are increasing, and also innovative O&M methods have been developed (Bladefence).